One Health Podcast

One Health Podcast

Our Founder, Katherine Urbáez, presented a snapshot of the findings on her research about How does Health Diplomacy impacts One Health Implementation; The Cases of Switzerland and Rwanda.

Conducted by the Global Health Center of the Geneva Graduate Institute The podcast “Implementing One Health through Health Diplomacy: Comparing Switzerland and Rwanda” explores the founding on how these two nations utilize diplomatic strategies to advance the One Health initiative, which integrates human, animal, and environmental health to address comprehensive health challenges.

Switzerland uses its extensive health infrastructure and diplomatic clout to promote One Health principles on a global scale. The country integrates health into its foreign policy and fosters international cooperation to tackle global health issues comprehensively.

In contrast, Rwanda focuses on embedding One Health into national policies and local governance. The country has achieved significant progress through community-based health strategies and multisectoral engagement. Rwanda’s approach highlights how effective One Health strategies can be implemented with strong political commitment and innovative local solutions.

The podcast underscores the distinct and synergistic methods employed by Switzerland and Rwanda, demonstrating how different strategies can effectively achieve shared health goals.

You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud here.

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