Geneva Health Forum

Geneva Health Forum

🌍 The Geneva Health Forum 2024 Conference: Health, a Common Good!
🗓 May 27-29, 2024
📍 Campus Biotech, Chemin des Mines 9, 1202 Geneva

The Geneva Health Forum 2024 to be celebrated from May 27-29 is prepared to convene global health leaders, researchers, medical practitioners, field actors, and policymakers for a transformative conversation on challenges and solutions toward health equity and access.

The ever-growing disparities in health outcomes worldwide underscore the limitations of relying solely on market mechanisms to ensure equitable access to healthcare. The Conference theme “Health, a common good!” reaffirms the importance of viewing health as a collective asset, requiring collaborative efforts, community engagement, and a broader focus on the social and environmental determinants of health.

The 2024 GHF Conference will delve into the vision of health as a common good across three pivotal domains:

1.      Health and the Environment: Time for Solutions
2.      Migration, Health, and Equity
3.      Towards the Elimination of Malaria

The Geneva Health Forum will serve as a platform for experts, researchers, and practitioners to collaborate, share insights, and advance solutions in these key areas.

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